Catch the person who kills the foetus and gets a reward of one lakh rupees Haryana Pc & Pndt Act Scheme


Haryana government has introduced a reward for catching those who devote or devote infanticide. Under which the person giving such information will be given a reward of up to ₹ 100000. Under this scheme, the reward quantity will be deposited in the account of the informer and the identity of the person giving knowledge will be stored confidential.

If you see such a crime going down round you, if any person is concerned in committing or committing infanticide, then document it to the government or to the police. With which you can prevent this crime from going down and can also win a reward of up to one lakh rupees. Where this just right initiative of the government will help in making improvements to the intercourse ratio, this evil can also be eliminated from the society.

Haryana PC and PNDT Act Prize Scheme

For this work, the government has appealed to the folks for cooperation. And asked to tell the police about such incidents going down round you. And along with this reward has also been introduced.

The intercourse ratio in Haryana can be progressed by launching this scheme. Based on this, prosecution lawsuits will be taken in opposition to the violators under the PC and PNDT Act.

Following are the criteria for this scheme

If a person provides knowledge about intercourse decision and feminine eradication and the knowledge is discovered to be proper, then on the foundation of that knowledge if the culprit has been effectively apprehended and it is prima facie (FIR/Court case under PNDT) established that he was indulging in the criminality of intercourse decision or feminine abolition, then the informer would be given a cash incentive of rupees one lakh at the earliest in one installment.

If the knowledge given by the informer is discovered to be proper and on the foundation of that the incident of intercourse decision or the incident of feminine abolition/homicide is discovered to be true, then the informer will be given an incentive of ₹ 100000 as soon as conceivable. The identity of the informer will be stored confidential. of Civil Surgeon Officer and Deputy Commissioner.

Punishment for feminine feticide and intercourse test before birth

Under the legislation, the punishment for this offense has been prescribed, in which the physician can be punished with 3 years imprisonment and effective of 10,000 for the first time, for the 2d time or more, the punishment of 5 years and effective up to 50000 and his license may be revoked.

burn hatya karne wale ko pakadwao aur inam pao yojana

If any member of the circle of relatives is discovered to be concerned in this crime, he can be punished with imprisonment of up to 3 years and effective up to Rs 50,000. .

Whom to tell to prevent feminine feticide

If you see any such incident round you, you can tell the police or the civil clinic of your district. After which he will take quick motion on it and check it, if discovered proper, you can get a reward of up to ₹ 100000.

For more knowledge, you can visit the website of Haryana Health Department. knowledge can be received.

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