HKRN Jobs Offers To 28787 Candidates: 12309 Candidates Joined from Haryana Skill Employment Corporation


So a long way 28787 other people have been used jobs by Haryana Skill Employment Corporation. Out of which 12309 other people have joined their employment. Till now 37% of the revel in verification of outsourced group of workers has also been done. Haryana Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal said that the established order of the Chief Secretariat has made 100% the work of verification of revel in of the candidates. Many other departments have also lowered the revel in verification of candidates to 100%. Other departments are ceaselessly engaged in their work in this route.

HKRN Jobs Offers to 28787 Candidates: 12309 candidates have joined from Haryana Skill Employment Corporation

HKRN Jobs Offers to 28787 Candidates 12309 Join
HKRN Jobs Offers to 28787 Candidates 12309 Join

So a long way, 29745 guy energy has been ported with the company by the departments, forums, firms and others.

Similarly, according to the departments, the workout of including new posts is also going on in the Skill Employment Corporation. Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal knowledgeable that Chief Secretary Haryana (GAD) administrative center has notified Kaushal Rozgar Nigam salary charges for provide of primary energy in position of District Ward DC price on January 19 through a notification. has long gone.

In this, a general of 179 job roles have been integrated in all districts, Chandigarh, and Delhi in 3 classes from degree one to 4 along with their wage. Since the 179 notified job rolls do not duvet the requirement of all departments, forums and firms, the process of growing new job designations/ job rolls has been initiated.

For this a fashion has been made available on the IT Portal of Employment Corporation. Through which departments submit their online request for introduction of new posts with prescribed qualification. And with the approval of PS (SDIT), the Corporation notifies the introduction of new publish names preserving the pay degree from 1 to 4.

can be done from the company through the module

Demand for new manpower Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal knowledgeable that new manpower can also be demanded from the company through this online module. The process involves getting into the details of job roles/designation, location of the job, number of guy energy, and filing it to the company for deployment.

REGISTRATION FOR VERIFICATION OF EXPERIENCE CANDIDATES Registered candidates as per original are to be verified by the same department where revel in is claimed. This process is also online. And the candidate’s declare is available in the hkrnl login/verified revel in tab of the sub login holder of the department where the declare is made.

Corporation registered as a corporate

Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal knowledgeable that the company has been registered as a corporate for deployment of primary energy in government departments, forums, firms. It has been constituted to meet the transient requirement of guy energy to the Statutory Institutions, Universities, State Educational Institutions and other organizations owned and managed by the Government.

For this, various fashions have been ready on the online portal. For porting the present contractual guy energy to the company, all the contractual guy energy along with the fundamental pay is to be ported to the company. This is being done through a two-stage process.

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