Nobel Peace Prize 2022 Given To Ales Bialiatski From Belarus And Two Human Rights Organizations In Russia And Ukraine


Nobel Peace Prize 2022: The Nobel Prize for 2022 is awarded to one individual and two Societies including the Ales Bialiatski from Belarus and Russian Human Rights Organization Memorial, and Ukrainian Human Rights Organization for Civil Liberties. The Nobel prize was began in 2901 since then there 597 Nobel Awards have been given. The Nobel Peace Prize of 2022 is introduced on October 7, 2022, in Oslo, the capital of Norway. All the Nobel Prizes are given in Stockholm, Sweden, aside from the Nobel Peace Prize. Alfred Nobel who was the founder of the Nobel Prize was a Swedish Cosmopolitan. As per his will, the Peace Prize was awarded by a Norwegian Committee. At that time Norway and Sweden were united under one monarch.

Nobel Peace Prize 2022 Given to Ales Bialiatski from Belarus and Two Human Rights Organizations in Russia and Ukraine

Nobel Peace Prize 2022

Nobel Peace Prize Money

The Nobel Peace Prize 2022 is set at Swedish Kronor (SEK) 10.0 million per complete Nobel Prize which is equal to 9 Lakh Dollars (7.4 Crore Indian Rupees).

Nobel Peace Prize 202 Nominees

There are a general of 343 nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2022 out of which 251 are people and 92 organizations. This is the second-highest number of nominees after the 376 candidates nominated in 2016.

Nobel Peace Prize Winners 2022

The Nobel Peace Prize Winners for 2022 are One Individual and two Organizations as given below:

Alexander Bialacki
Ales Bialiatski
  • Ales Bialiatski from Belarus
  • Russian Human Rights Organization Memorial
  • Ukrainian Human Rights Organization for Civil Liberties

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